World Class Interventional Spine Pain Care

Kansas Spine Institute, LLC is housed in the Midwest Surgery Center and Pain Management Associates Building, 825 North Hillside. This building is located on the North West corner of Hillside and Murdock streets in Wichita Kansas, across form HCA Wesley Hospital. We are committed to providing world class interventional pain diagnostic and treatment procedures. The Institute was formed to better describe and covey the skills of the physicians, nurses, technicians and support staff who work closely to offer optimal pain care. We work in consultation with referring physicians to offer accurate diagnostic evaluation and to provide and help guide appropriate treatment. Due to the speciality referral nature of the practice, patients are seen by physicians and care is provided only by physicians.

Currently, Drs. Landers and Jones provide the medical evaluations and care for Kansas Spine Institure. These physicians are both very experienced each having over 20 years experience in Interventional Pain Management. Dr. Landers is a past President of the International Spine Intervention Society (ISIS) in which he remains active. He has been chair of the Education Committee for ISIS and he continues to teach all aspects of pain care nationally as well as internationally. He has authored multiple book chapters and remains a voice for the conscious of Interventional Pain Practice. Dr. Jones currently serves as an instructor for ISIS and the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP). He has co-authored and authored book chapters relating to Interventional Pain Management.

The Institute strives to provide optimal care and employes state of the art equipment in a single speciality ambulatory surgery center. The staff has a common concern and commitment to optimal pain care.


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